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  Living Toadily Divine!

      Living Toadily Divine is living with Divine purpose and passion. It is a Lifestyle in complete balance of mind, body, soul and spirit. Our Inner Spirit is the Life Source Energy of all, the Divine essence within us. Everyone has Divine Life Source Energy, whether they acknowledge it or not.

      All things are made of Energy. Starting as a formless entity of Spirit or Energy is Divine Presence. I refer to our inner spirit as our Sparkly Tadpole. We have legs under us and yet we are going with the flow of life, ever changing and growing into our Divinity.

     By creating habits or rituals as guides for yourself to live in complete balance of well-Being, we are embracing our Free Will to connect the Divine Presence, the Life Force Energy of all. Letting your Sparkly Tadpole shine. Don't compromise who you are to fit in, be You everyday, Live Toadiy Divine!


To Obtain Absolute Divine Insight Loving You!

You as the Divine Presence of All


You as yourself  which the Divine Presence dwells within

Apply Living TOADILY Divine to your daily life.

Let Rev. Jamie Lynn help you Live TOADILY Divine!


She wants to help others create Divine Healing Lifestyle Guides of spirituality, faith and health (body/mind/spirit/soul -well being) To Obtain Absolute Divine Insight Loving You - TOADILY!!!