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The services offered cover all aspects of Well-Being to obtain balance and harmony.

Living Toadily Divine Podcast

Living Toadily Divine with Rev. Jamie Lynn 

Apply Living TOADILY Divine to your daily life.

Jamie's Weddings

A wedding symbolizes so much for couples that should reflect the couple and how they feel for each other. I provide an outlet to express themselves and their values on their special day.

Living TOADILY Divine is living with Divine purpose and passion 

To  Obtain  Absolute Divine  Insight Loving You-


YOU as the Divine Presence of all 


You  as YOURSELF -for the Divine dwells within

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My Philosophy

Our inner spirit is the Life Force Energy of all, the Divine Essence within us. Everyone has Divine Life Force Energy, whether the acknowledge it or not. All things are made of energy. Starting as a formless entity of spirit or energy is Divine Presence. I refer to our inner spirit as our Sparkle Tadpole. We have legs under us and yet we are going with the flow of life, ever changing and growing in our Divinity.

By creating lifestyle habits are rituals as guides for yourself to live in balance and harmony of Well-Being, we are embracing our Free Will to connect to the Divine Presence, the Life Source or Life Force.

Faith is more than what happens on Sunday mornings. It's part of who we are, inside and out. I believe in sharing the love and joy of living a life that embodies the Life Force Energy within us all, TObtain Absolute Divine Insight Loving You ~ TOADILY !

Let your Sparkly Tadpole shine. Don't compromise who you are to fit in, be YOU everyday. Live TOADILY Divine and Sparkle On! Sparkly Blessings to all.

Spiritual Ambassador

Faith Healer/Teacher, Reflexologist R.C.R. Angel Practitioner ~  Wedding Officiant

Artist ~ Author ~ Younique Presenter

Pink Zebra Independent Consultant